Weather Alerts


RNDC Employee Emergency Hotline:

  • Deerfield Beach 954-425-0027
  • Tampa 813-496-3152`
  • Jacksonville 904-696-6398
  • Pensacola 850-418-6589

UPDATE: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2020 at 10:05 a.m.

Deerfield Beach Team,

Tropical Storm ETA is back again. While the path below shows the storm moving through West and North Florida, the bands of wind and rain extend out quite a bit from the center of the storm. Currently, our West Coast delivery areas of Cape Coral and Fort Myers are being impacted by this storm.

We will continue to monitor the storms path and send out updates in terms of any impact to our business. For those associates on the West Coast, please use your best judgment and stay safe.


Tampa Team,

We are continuing to monitor the path of Tropical Storm ETA. Most of our delivery area from Manatee County South, is under a Tropical Storm Warning, expecting high winds and bands of heavy rain. 

Our drivers are out making deliveries today, and have been cautioned about driving in these conditions. If you are a member of our Sales Team, please reach out to your drivers and keep them up to date on conditions in your delivery area as they change. 

We will continue to watch the path of the storm closely today, and send out email updates as needed. Please take this time to prepare for the storm, and any possible disruptions it may cause.

Please feel free to contact David Jones via cell phone or email (813-431-4576 or, 24/7, if you have any questions or concerns.

Deerfield Beach Team,

Tropical storm ETA continues this morning to make its way through South Florida.  While it is not currently raining in DFB, parts of our delivery areas to the south and west continue to experience tropical storm wind and rain.  The Deerfield Beach building is open and we expect to making deliveries as normal on Tuesday.  Please notify us of any issues (water, power outages) that would prevent a customer from taking a delivery. 

Please be safe as the storm is still moving through the area.  If anyone needs assistance due to storm related issues, please contact Frank Ryan at