Dear Associates,

As I think about the events of the past week related to the senseless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, it has weighed heavily on my heart and mind.  This horrific event has revealed the depth of racial divisiveness that remains in America’s culture at-large. Recognizing each of you in your diversity and individuality, with high personal values, I know you are feeling the same pain, anger and frustration expressed in our local communities, citizens, company leaders, and myself. There is absolutely no place in our society for racial discrimination and hatred as experienced by the black community.

As we have proven time and again, together we can make a positive difference and affect change when faced with a troubling challenge.  Our companies have always placed a high regard on family values and relationships.  We need to use our outstanding attributes to drive internal and external cultural change that embraces inclusion of all people regardless of gender, skin color, ethnicity or other unique characteristics that define who we are as individuals.  We must ensure our purpose and contributions continue to advocate peaceful and progressive change which benefits our associates in achieving their own dreams and personal goals.

Put simply, I am committed to ensuring our company provides channels and forums for all our associates to have their voice heard that will lead to a more inclusive, diverse, and respected workplace experience.  While we have already institutionalized many actions of inclusion, it’s not enough to eliminate racial discrimination and disparity.

Each of you, in your individually exceptional and special way, contribute to the DNA of our culture and reputation.  Without you, we cannot sustain our long-term commitment to providing employment in our communities and support of our social causes that drive long-term positive change in our communities. More specifically, we have a moral obligation to protest the inhumanities against people who are judged solely on the color of their skin.

Together, all of us must commit to being a champion of creating a world in which each and every person is treated equally with respect and dignity. Over the coming weeks, I will share with you some of the actions we will take as a company to ensure we remain true to our core values and vision. Your voice matters in making this change happen.

Together, we will raise our voices to drive positive change in our society.

Tom Cole
President & CEO
RNDC-USA & Young’s Market Company