DALLAS, TX – April 21, 2014 – Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), the nation’s second largest distributor of premium wine and spirits, has been named a silver award winner in the fourth annual Healthyroads Fit Company Award® program. The awards recognize organizations nationwide that demonstrate their commitment to improving the overall health and fitness of their employees by offering exceptional employee wellness programs and benefits.

RNDC’s “Wellness Delivered” employee wellness program serves more than 7,800 associates and offers participants a variety of knowledge and resources to become educated about and improve their health. For example, all associates and spouses are asked to complete a biometric testing and a Personal Health Assessment (PHA); in exchange, they receive preferred rates on their medical coverage for those enrolled in the plan. Last year this incentive helped motivate 80 percent of those enrolled in the medical plan to complete the activities, providing an increased awareness of their health which could lead to the treatment of preventable conditions.

Once participants have a good understanding of their health risks, RNDC helps them improve their health through key programs such as walking or running challenges and healthy volunteer activities. RNDC also offers the Healthyroads Coaching® program, which allows associates the opportunity to engage with their own personal health coach at no cost. The health coach can help them set and achieve health improvement goals, such as managing their weight, quitting smoking, exercising more, controlling stress or simply living healthier. Coaches provide support to help them track their progress as they work toward changing their everyday habits and reducing the risks of serious health conditions.

“The theme of ‘Wellness Delivered’ represents RNDC’s commitment to its associates by providing the tools, resources and incentives for them to take actionable steps to improve their health,” said Jennifer Wyant, Vice President, Corporate Compensation and Benefits, RNDC. “We’re thrilled to see such a high level of engagement in our program. It shows our associates have an interest in the rewards of participation, which include better awareness of their overall health as well as preferred rates on their medical plan.”

A key driver of associate participation is support from senior leadership. RNDC President Tom Cole set the tone early by putting out a call for participation through a program awareness campaign. Additionally, senior leaders encouraged their markets to form local wellness committees to help plan and execute activities for their worksites. RNDC also promoted its volunteerism and community service policy which allows associates to take up to eight hours of compensated time to participate in various community volunteer events, believing that there is a positive link between volunteering and better health.