DALLAS, TX – May 30, 2013 Craft distilling is a powerful new phenomenon that is sweeping the country and Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), the nation’s second largest premium wine and spirits distributor, sees a vibrant future for the entrepreneurs and artisans that are driving it. To help these distillers achieve their goals, RNDC announced its support of the American Craft Distillers Association (ACDA) through a commitment as a Founding Sponsor – the first distributer to carry the distinction.

As “craft” in all its forms continues to evolve and reshape the marketplace, the channels to market will become ever more important. As Penn Jensen, Executive Director of ACDA notes, “the strategic role of a high-profile distributor such as RNDC will be crucial to the sustainable growth of these burgeoning new brands.”

“At RNDC, we’re proud to support the entrepreneurs and artisans who are creating a dynamic new market with innovative products,” states Ken Rosenberg, RNDC Vice President of Wine & Craft Spirits. “As a leader in our industry – and the first distributor to join ACDA as a Founding Sponsor – we’re committed to providing critical business knowledge about the distribution tier to help Craft Distillers get their products to market and work within the sophisticated three-tier system of the United States.”

Ten years ago there were fewer than 60 craft distillers in the United States. According to current estimates, there may be as many as 1000 licensed distillers in North America by 2015. The range of products crosses a wide array of categories, from absinthe to whiskey and all points in between. The analogy is clear when one compares craft distilling to craft brewing. Craft brewing is one of the strongest beverage categories, growing at 25% per year and now, according to the Brewers’ Association, with total sales soaring above $10 billion annually.

ACDA was founded in 2013 by a prestigious group of artisan distillers to create a network of like-minded professionals to promote craft distilling and to seek favorable business environments in which to grow their brands.

“Craft distillers need a trade organization,” Jensen states. “And they need a friend in distribution with the knowledge and reach of RNDC to educate about this vital tier. We’re honored to welcome them on board.”

As part of the sponsorship, RNDC will also provide valuable information about the distribution tier in ACDA’s “Ask the Expert” section, which is available to members seeking sustainable solutions about a particular topic.

For more information about ACDA, visit americancraftdistillersassociation.org.