DALLAS, TX – June 13, 2012 Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), the second largest distributor of premium wine and spirits in the United States, is pleased to announce we have launched the RNDC Center for Professional Learning.

The RNDC Center for Professional Learning provides our associates with a structured, multi-faceted training and professional development program that will span their entire career life cycle at RNDC. The learning framework is based on a progressive training track concept anchored to the RNDC Leadership Competency Models. According to Tom Cole, President, RNDC, “We are on a dynamic path of growth and solid positioning as a top distributor in the national market, but we must be ready for the challenges ahead. We must have the right systems in place to train, develop, and maximize the performance of our associates and attract the talent needed for the future. For that reason, it is important that each of us actively demonstrate and perfect the necessary leadership that results in success.” As such, our associates will experience a dynamic blended-learning curriculum that supports and drives the RNDC vision of being the national distributor of choice.

The RNDC learning culture leverages an integrated learning framework that includes the experiences our associates encounter through real on-the job-training; what they learn from others including mentors, supervisors, and peers; and the training and professional development that are already part of our formal talent management processes. “Training and development is already an integral part of the culture at Republic National Distributing Company. It is crucial to our success of fulfilling our vision to be the national distributor of choice for beverage Alcohol producers. By providing the best-in-industry training and professional development, our associates achieve both personal and professional success which makes our vision come to life. As such, we have developed a learning framework that provides a structured and progressive approach to leadership and skill development,” stated Lorraine Luke, V.P., Field HR and Training, RNDC. Consequently, the benefit of the RNDC Center for Professional Learning truly highlights our vision to serve the needs of our associates, suppliers, customers, and community.